About MADA

MOVING AHEAD DEVELOPMENT AGENCY is a registered Non-Profit and public organisation that is dedicated to the empowerment of youth and communities, through skills, career, enterprise and social development. We are passionate about giving today’s generation the opportunity of a brighter future. Accredited with various sectors of education and training enables MADA to offer a variety of training and development opportunities to learners.

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About MADA

Pillars of Service

Skills Development

SETA accredited skills development programmes focused on the training of youth to meet the needs of the current economy.

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Career Development

BOYS2MEN is our career path and mentoring program which has to date already improved the lives of over 145 boys.

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Social Development

Social development is about improving the well-being of every individual in society so they can reach their full potential.

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Social Impact Programmes

Gender Based Violence Programmes

Gender based violence is a profound and persistent problem occurring in South Africa in every culture and social group. This is a subject that is very tender to the Chairman of MADA, having suffered a painful loss of his own niece through gender-based violence. The organisation is committed to changing the mindset of the perpetrators. The organisation commits to a solution-driven focus, on addressing the thoughts and beliefs that justify violent behaviour. The aim is to incorporate problem solving, communication skills, anger management techniques and impulse control in its programmes.

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MADA Gender Based Violence Workshop

Memorial lecture against the killing of young women

On 12 May 2018, MADA, hosted a Memorial Lecture Against killing of young women. This was composed with the aim to commemorate the life of the late Karabo Mokoena and other young women killed in Soweto between April and May 2017. The organisation has gained a significant amount of media coverage around this subject and a weighty support from government and community members.

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MADA Memorial Lecture

I-Pledge programme against gender-based violence

An initiative that has raised interest in local communities, corporate companies and government entities. Endorsed by minister of social development We have rallied prominent public figures to participate in delivering speeches regarding gender-based violence.


MADA I-Pledge Programme

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