Blockchain Certification


Blockchain Certification

This training will be imparted by a qualified trainer with more than 10 years of industrial experience and has been involved with several customers on the functional Technical requirements in the Blockchain / Ethereum / Architecture and Blockchain on cloud. He has been busy working in FSI Industry.

Target Audience

Head of DepartmentsSenior Executives BusinessBusiness AnalystsSoftware DevelopersStudentsIT consultantsJob seekers

Course Objectives

This step by step course will take you in to world of Bitcoins, Blockchain, Ethereum and use cases. This course is aimed at people who are looking for an extensive and exhaustive course on Blockchain topic and want to become Functional or Technical Blockchain consultants. Why this course is different?Focus on Practical learning instead of just theoryLearn to understand real use cases for Blockchain which is going for the RevolutionCreate your own Blockchain network with existing tools and frameworkUnderstand the Blockchain architecture and frameworkUnderstand Blockchain on CloudCourse is designed in a way also to prepare for BITCOIN certificationCourse is designed in a way also to prepare for BLOCKCHAIN certification  

Course Curriculum

Section 1
HistoryBitcoin or bitcoin (Do you know the difference)? Centralized Ledgers                       Decentralized LedgersFunctions of currencyDistributed consensusConsensus Mechanisms ex. POW, POS, DBTF (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) etc.Financial use casesNon-Financial use casesPrice Derivation of Bitcoin and other AltcoinsDemo and Exercise
Section 2
Cryptography essentialsHash functions ex. SHA256Bitcoin Improvement Protocol ex. BIP 32Merkel rootAddressSymmetric and Asymmetric EncryptionDigital signaturesBitcoin DictionaryDemo of FeaturesLab session and Exercise
Section 3
TransactionsBlockchain LedgerDemo of BlockchainBitcoin unitsThe networkBitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPS)CommunityDemo
Section 4
Blockchain explorersUXTOSBitcoin MiningAlgorithmMining poolsHardware WalletsSecurity and centralizationLab session and Exercise
Section 5
Wallet typesBitcoin ClientsDeterministic walletsBackupsDemo of Wallets ex.Lab session and Exercise: Set up your Wallet
Section 6
Trade BitcoinsBuy and sell BitcoinsInvestHedgingIntroduction to Altcoins ex. NEOLab session and Exercise
Section 7
What is Blockchain?Reality about Blockchain and How Blockchain works?Blockchain Architecture and Platforms ex. BigChainDB, Corda, Ethereum etc.               DTL- Distributed ledgerConsensus Mechanisms ex. POW, POS, DBTF (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) etc.Real demo of Blockchain with simple example Distributed VS Decentralized network                              Private and Public BlockchainConsortium BlockchainPermissioned and Permission less Blockchain Public and Private Key creation                  Storing Private and Public keyMiningGenesis Block in BlockchainHard forkConsensus Mechanism51% Attack theoryExercise: Set up your Private Blockchain Exercise: Blockchain use cases for Banking, Insurance etc.
Section 8
Design the admins and user Interfaces of Blockchain. Examples Demonstration with HTML5, CSS, SolidityBlockchain Architecture and Platforms ex. BigChainDB, Corda, Ethereum etc.
Section 9
Introduction to EthereumBasics of EthereumIntroduction to Web 3 and TruffleIntroduction to smart contractComponents of smart contractExercise: Create and deploy Smart contract Ethereum tools ex. Mist, Dapps and accounts              Ethereum Test Rpc                         Introduction to solidity programmingStructure of Solidity contractDApps and DAOsLab session and Exercise
Section 10
Introduction to Blockchain platforms ex. Multi chainBlockchain as a service (BAAS) on Microsoft AzureBlockchain on AWS (Amazon web services) Blockchain on IBM Bluemix                         Exercise: How to set up Private Blockchain on MultichainExercise: How to set up Private Blockchain on Amazon Web services
Section 11
Blockchain Ripple FrameworkHow to create Blockchain for real projects ex. KYC, Travel Insurance etc.Blockchain APIBlockchain waves platformIntroduction to MoneroIntroduction to next generation platform- IOTAIntroduction to IOTA and Tangle ArchitectureBlockchain and Artificial IntelligenceBlockchain and Internet of ThingsExercise: How to Create AI Chatbot and deploy on Blockchain
Section 12
Introduction to Initial Coin offerings (ICO)How ICO is new way of raising moneyICO regulationsHow to issue your own ICO token?How to launch an ICO platform?ICO Strategic and Marketing techniquesExercise: ICO