Blockchain for Business


Blockchain for Business

This Step by Step course will help you to understand how to design Business case first and use Blockchain afterwards for that. You will learn to understand how to design real use cases for Blockchain which is going for the Revolution. Understand the Blockchain architecture and framework. Understand Blockchain on Cloud. Project steps to start with the Blockchain projects

Target Audience

  • Head of Departments
  • Senior Executives Business
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Manager

Course Objectives

This full-fledged course will take you in to the world of

  • Blockchain
  • Blockchain on cloud
  • Blockchain use cases

This course is helpful for the people who want to open their own Blockchain consulting company or Fintech as well. We understand that Blockchain is quite technical and it is still not clear to Business Stakeholders, Enterprise Architects, and CXO what the benefits of Blockchain are and how to design Blockchain use cases. This course is going to be an extensive and exhaustive course on Blockchain topic for Business people and have been divided in following sections

  • Functional and Business stream
  • Architect Stream



Course Curriculum

Section 1 - Basics

  • Digital Transformation roadmap and Blockchain at its core
  • Blockchain Myth or Reality?
  • Blockchain problem statement & Blockchain Benefits
  • Where Blockchain can be used?
  • Typical Blockchain Landscape
  • Crypto currencies usage on Blockchain platform
  • Blockchain relation to AI, Bots, Cloud, Machine Learning etc.
  • Blockchain use cases conceptualization

Section 2 – Fundamentals of Blockchain

  • Requirements of Blockchain for Business
  • Charactztzerstics of Business Blockchain
  • Problem statement
  • Blockchain Business problem statement
  • Centralized Ledgers & Decentralized Ledgers
  • Immutability
  • Distributed consensus & Consensus Mechanisms ex. POW, POS, DBTF (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) etc. Cryptography essentials & Hash functions ex. SHA256                Merkel root and Merkel Tree                    
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
  • Digital signatures, Private and Public key

Section 3 - Blockchain

  • Weakness of Blockchain Technology ex. Scaling, Speed
  • Blockchain security ex. Cyber attacks
  • Blockchain project best practices
  • Blockchain Business template.xlsx discussions
  • ROI template for Business stakeholders
  • Blockchain Landscape
  • Business Models
  • Use cases >>
  • Blockchain Architecture and Platforms ex. BigChainDB, Corda, Ethereum etc.               
  • Future ex. Scaling, Legislation and Compliance
  • Smart contract and Distributed Apps
  • Blockchain security
  • Blockchain Process flow for Organization
  • Blockchain Decision Models Ex. Birch-Brown-Parulava model
  • Blockchain Suichies Model
  • IBM Model
  • Lewis Model
  • Blockchain Decision Model Questionnaire
  • Pitfalls of Blockchain project

Section 4 – Blockchain Architecture

  • Requirements to use Corporate Blockchain
  • Blockchain Business case benefits
  • Private and Public Blockchain (How to decide which one is right for you?)
  • Consortium Blockchain (How to decide which one is right for you?)
  • Permissioned and Permission less Blockchain
  • Permissioned and Permission less Blockchain
  • Actors involvement ex. Regulator, Users Blockchain
  • Blockchain on cloud Model
  • Blockchain as a service (BAAS) on Microsoft Azure
  • Blockchain on AWS (Amazon web services)
  • Functional and Nonfunctional requirements

Section 5 – Design Blockchain Architecture

  • Design Blockchain Architecture
  • Blockchain Instances
  • Blockchain Architecture analysis and evaluation of several Platforms ex. Multichain, BigChainDB, Corda, Ethereum etc.
  • Requirements Analysis of Blockchain requirements Security standards                          
  • Project methodology for Blockchain
  • Building API
  • Functional and Nonfunctional requirements

Section 6 - Engagement Model for projects

  • How to explore customer Business Model?
  • Design thinking workshop conceptualization
  • Agile Iterations
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Business Process reengineering
  • Technical steps to design Blockchain solution
  • Blockchain Application design steps

Section 7 - Business Considerations

  • Where Blockchain Peers are hosted?
  • When and how do new participants join the network?
  • What are the rules of confidentiality in the network?

Section 8 – Live Case Study

  • How to build Business case?
  • Blockchain use cases identification
  • Quantification of Blockchain Business case
  • Create real Business case
  • Define Problem statement
  • Type of Blockchain needed
  • Solution scoping
  • Smart contract
  • Integration touch points of Blockchain
  • Business value scorecard


Section 9 – Blockchain Integration

  • Mapping and Integration
  • Integration with SAP / SAP PI / Stream serve / TIBCO Pricing rules                      
  • Blockchain Adapters
  • Migration to Blockchain database
  • Oraclize service
  • API
  • Process Migration