Check Point CCSE


Check Point CCSE

Check Point Security Engineering is an advanced course that provides you training on how to effectively build, modify, deploy, and troubleshoot Check Point Security systems on the GAiA OS. You will learn about firewall processes, user and kernel processing, and Stateful Inspection. Labs include configuring security gateways, implementing VPNs, and performing advanced troubleshooting tasks on the firewall.

Target Audience

Expert users and resellers who need to perform advanced deployment configurations of Check Point Software Blades.


Knowledge of network security.

An understanding of UNIX and Windows operating systems, certificate management, system administration, networking (TCP/IP)

A Check Point Security Administration course or CCSA certification

Course Objectives

  • Validate your understanding and skills necessary to configure and optimally manage Check Point Next Generation Firewalls



Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Check Point Cyber Security Engineering

  • System Management
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Redundancy
  • Acceleration
  • SmartEvent
  • Mobile and Remote Access
  • Threat Prevention