Cisco Cloud Fundamentals


Cisco Cloud Fundamentals

Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals is a course that is designed for Cloud Operations Engineers, Cloud Technical Administrators, Cloud Infrastructure Architects, and Cisco Integrators and Partners who provide operation and support of Cisco Cloud Products and Solutions.

This course provides students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) to perform foundational tasks related to Cloud computing, and help students prepare for the CCNA Cloud certification, an associate level certification specializing in Cloud technologies.

Target Audience

  • Cloud Operations Engineers -operation and support of the Cisco Cloud Products and Solutions
  • Cloud Technical Administrators - implementation operation and support of Cisco Cloud Products and Solutions


  • Understand network fundamentals - for example, routing, switching, VLAN
  • Understand compute fundamentals - for example, servers, operating systems
  • Understand storage fundamentals - for example, basics of FC, FCoE, VSAN
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architects - design infrastructure and operations of Cloud Services using Cisco Cloud Products and Solutions

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet these objectives:

  • Describe common cloud characteristics List cloud service models
  • Compare cloud deployment models Illustrate key features of UCS
  • Define server virtualization
  • Describe network architectures for the datacenter
  • Describe Cisco ACI
  • Describe Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Define virtual networking services
  • Define Virtual Application Containers
  • Analyze storage provisioning concepts
  • Describe basic SAN storage concepts
  • Define basic NAS storage concepts
  • Compare the difference between all the storage access technologies Identify the various Cisco storage network devices
  • Describe various reference architectures for converged infrastructure



Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Introducing Cloud Computing Basic Concepts
  • Describing Cloud Service ModelDescribing ’as a Service” Models of Cloud Computing
  • Comparing Cloud Deployment Models
  • Exploring the Cisco Intercloud Solution Describing Hybrid Cloud Challenges Describing the Cisco Intercloud Hybrid Cloud Solution

Section 2: Cloud Networking

  • Describing Cisco Data Center Network Architecture
  • Exploring Virtual Networking
  • Identifying Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches
  • Define and Analyze Cisco Virtual Networking Service Appliances
  • Define and Analyze Software Defined Network Fundamentals
  • Describing the Cisco ACI Solution

Section 3: Cloud Storage

  • Comparing Storage
  • Describing Fibre Channel Storage Networking Concepts
  • Exploring NAS Storage Basic Concepts Describing the Different NFS Features and Functions
  • Identifying Cisco MDS and UCS Invicta Products

Section 4: Cloud Compute

  • Describing Cisco UCS C-Series Product Family
  • Identifying Cisco UCS B-Series Product Family Describing Cisco UCS B-Series Products
  • Explaining Cisco UCS Blade Provisioning Explaining Cisco UCS Service Profiles
  • Defining Server Virtualization Windows and Linux Operating System Functions

Section 5: Cloud Automation and Reference Architectures

  • Exploring Reference Architecture for Converged Infrastructure
  • Describing Cloud Automation, Provisioning, and Management Platforms