Cisco UCS Director Foundation 5.0


Cisco UCS Director Foundation 5.0

The Cisco UCS Director Foundation (UCSDF) version 5.5 course is a hands-on training course. This training course will enable Cisco end customers and authorized Cisco System Engineers (SEs) to understand the concepts, architecture, and use cases that are related to the Cisco UCS Director deployment. This course will also prepare learners to implement basic Cisco UCS Director Deployment solutions. The focus is to ensure that students can implement the core features of the Cisco UCS Director that most implementations require. Students should already be familiar with basic Data Center Concepts.

Target Audience

Cisco UCS, FlexPod engineers, administrators, and SEsSEs who work in data center solutions and manage data center management policies.


General knowledge of cloud and datacenter virtualizationKnowledge of Cisco UCS, NetApp Storage, Nexus, and VMware vCenterKnowledge of datacenter processes and best practices.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to:Understand Data Center Challenges and the need of Unified Data Center Solution using the Cisco UCS DirectorInstall, configure, and manage the Cisco UCS Director 5.5Configure Virtual Data Centers, policies, catalogs, and cost modelsCreate and monitor service requests for provisioningDefine workflows using orchestrationAdminister the software effectivelyCustomize the features for building proof of concepts  

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Cisco UCS Director Overview
UCS Director Overview
Section 2: Cisco UCS Director Deployment
Cisco UCS Director InstallationCisco UCS Director ConfigurationVirtual and Physical Account ManagementAdministration and Troubleshooting
Section 3: Self-service Portal
Overview of Self-service PortalManaging Users, Roles, and GroupsManaging VDCs, Tenants, and PoliciesManaging Catalogs and TemplatesManaging Self-Service ProvisioningConfiguring ChargebackReviewing ReportsImplementing Customer Onboarding with Secure Multitenancy
Section 4: Orchestration
Using Orchestration
Section 5: Virtualization
Overview of VMware IntegrationHosts, Clusters, and DRS ConfigurationVMware Datastore Clusters and DRS ConfigurationVMware: Virtual NetworkingHost ProfilesVM Provisioning (Using an ISO Image), Template Management, VM ConsoleAdministration of VMs, vMotion, Linked Clones, VM Annotation SupportSRM IntegrationVM-FEXMicrosoft SCVMM Integration OverviewAdding SCVMM Account and DiscoverySCVMM Virtual Compute ManagementSCVMM Virtual Storage ManagementSCVMM Virtual Networking ManagementPolicies, VDCs, and CatalogsPolicies, VDCs, and Catalogs
Section 6: Compute Management
Theory of Operation, Benefits, and Value PropositionManaging Cisco UCS Infrastructure Using the Cisco UCS DirectorCisco UCS Director Baremetal AgentCompute Policies in the Cisco UCS DirectorMonitoring and Reports in the Cisco UCS Director
Section 7: Storage Management
Theory of Operation with NetApp and Cisco UCS DirectorSupported NetApp Device with the Cisco UCS DirectorNetApp Day Zero ConfigurationAdding NetApp Accounts to the Cisco UCS DirectorMonitoring and Managing the Cluster Mode NetApp Storage DevicesOrchestration with NetAppNetApp and Cisco UCS Director Integration Use Cases
Section 8: Network Management
Theory of Operation, Benefits, and Value PropositionManaging Cisco Nexus and Other Network Infrastructure Using the Cisco UCS DirectorNetwork Policies in the Cisco UCS DirectorMonitoring and Reports in the Cisco UCS Director
Section 9: Integrations
Integrations Overview