Cisco UCS Director with ACI


Cisco UCS Director with ACI

In this course, you will learn about different features of UCS Director software to manage physical and virtual infrastructure elements including Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). You will get a chance to explore orchestration and automation functions of Cisco UCS Director to effectively manage infrastructure and automate IT processes. You will also learn how to install and configure Cisco UCS Director software.

Target Audience

Customer DC design engineersChannel partner system engineers and field engineers on DC architecturesSystems administrators Help desk power users


An understanding of server design and architectureFamiliarity with Cisco UCS and Cisco ACIFamiliarity with storage and server virtualization  

Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Overview
Business Cloud MandatesTenant ModelApplication Requirement and Deployment ChallengesUCS Director Solution IntroductionCisco One for Data Center Computing
Section 2 : UCSD Components
UCSD ArchitectureBMA ArchitectureDeployment ModelsPSC Architecture
Section 3 : ACI Overview
ACI OverviewACI ConceptsUCS Director with ACI Solution
Section 4 : UCSD Deployment
DeploymentGlobal System SettingsSite and POD Management
Section 5 : Role-Based Access Control
User GroupsUsers
Section 6 : Orchestration
Tasks and Workflows
Section 7 : UCS Director Tenancy Model
Multi-Tenancy with UCS Director / ACIResource Groups and Service OfferingsTenant Onboarding
Section 8 : Advanced Tenant Onboarding
ActivitiesTagging Resources
Section 9 : Application Containers
 Understanding Application ContainersApplication ProfilesApplication Template 
Section 10 : UCSD-PSC Integration
LDAP IntegrationDiscover UCSD Resources from PSC
Section 11 : PSC Stack Designer
Understanding Stack DesignerDesigning an Application Stack Using UCSD VACS ContainerLayer 4–7 ServicesDevice PackagesService RedirectionLayer 4–7 Services Provisioning