Core Java Training


Core Java Training

This Core Java course enables students and professionals to understand the basic concepts of Core Java such as scope of variables, operators, arrays, loops, methods, constructors, etc.

Target Audience

Core Java course is for professionals desiring to become Java Developers, web developers, programmer enthusiasts, engineering graduates.


Students and professionals taking the course should be familiar with some concepts such as variables, functions, etc. Prior knowledge of object oriented programming is beneficial but not mandatory.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand basic Core Java concepts for beginners in detail.
  • Write Java code using operators, constructors, loops, functions, conditions, etc.
  • Work with methods and encapsulation.
  • Implement multi-threading, string handling, and exception handling techniques.
  • Set up connection using JDBC.
  • Run sample test cases with Junit framework.
  • Develop web applications.



Course Curriculum

Section 01 - Java Introduction

  • Introduction to JavaPreview
  • Features of Java8
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Fundamentals of Java

Section 02 - Working with Java Variables

  • Declaring and Initializing Variables
  • Primitive Data Type
  • Read and Write Java Object Fields
  • Object Lifecycle

Section 03 - Java Operators and Decision Constructs

  • Java Operators and Decision Constructs

Section 04 - Using Loop Constructs in Java

  • Using Loop Constructs in Java

Section 05 - Creating and Using Array

  • Creating and Using One-dimensional ArrayPreview
  • Creating and Using Multi-dimensional Array

Section 06 - Methods and Encapsulation

  • Java Method
  • Static and Final Keyword
  • Constructors and Access Modifiers in Java
  • Encapsulation

Section 07 – Inheritance

  • Polymorphism Casting and SuperPreview
  • Abstract Class and Interfaces

Section 08 - Exception Handling

  • Types of Exceptions and Try-catch Statement
  • Throws Statement and Finally Block
  • Exception Classes

Section 09 - Work with Selected classes from the Java API

  • StringPreview
  • Working with StringBuffer
  • Create and Manipulate Calendar Data
  • Declare and Use of Arraylist

Section 10 - Additional Topics

  • Inner classes Inner Interfaces and Thread
  • Collection Framework
  • Comparable Comparator and IteratorPreview
  • File Handling and Serialization

Section 11 – JDBC

  • JDBC and its Architecture
  • Drivers in JDBC
  • JDBC API and ExamplesPreview
  • Transaction Management in JDBC