Data Science with SAS


Data Science with SAS

In this SAS Certification Training, you’ll become an expert in analytics techniques using the SAS data science tool. You’ll learn how to apply data manipulation and optimization techniques; advanced statistical concepts like clustering, linear regression and decision trees; data analysis methods to solve real world business problems and predictive modelling techniques. This SAS Certification course will give you practical knowledge you can apply on your next data analysis job.

Target Audience

Analytics professionals who want to work with SASIT professionals looking for a career switch in the fields of analyticsSoftware developers interested in pursuing a career in analyticsGraduates looking to build a career in analytics and data scienceExperienced professionals who would like to harness data science in their fields


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Objectives

This course will enable you to:Understand the role of data scientists, various analytics techniques, and widely used toolsGain an understanding of SAS, the role of GUI, library statements, importing and exporting of data and variable attributesGain an in-depth understanding of statistics, hypothesis testing, and advanced statistics techniques like clustering, decision trees, linear regression, and logistic regressionLearn the various techniques for combining and modifying datasets like concatenation, interleaving, one-to-one merging and reading. You will also learn the various SAS functions and procedure for data manipulation  

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Data Science with SAS
Course IntroductionAnalytics OverviewIntroduction to SAS1Combining and Modifying DatasetsPROC SQLSAS MacrosBasics of StatisticsStatistical ProceduresData ExplorationAdvanced StatisticsWorking with Time Series DataDesigning Optimization Models