Designing the Cisco Cloud


Designing the Cisco Cloud

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to design cloud deployments using the Cisco Cloud portfolio. You will be able to translate requirements into automation designs and design a hybrid or private cloud deployment incorporating Security Best Practices. This is one of the four cloud specific courses required for the Cisco Certified Network Professionals for Cloud Certification.  

Target Audience

Cloud Architects and Cloud Infrastructure Architects responsible for the creation of cloud deployment designs and the design of infrastructure and operations for cloud services using Cisco cloud products and solutions


Ideally individuals will have Data Center experience, OS experience and experience with designing and deploying IT solutions

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:Translate the business requirements into Cisco Cloud automation designsDefine the appropriate Cisco Cloud solution, based on a broad range of products and technologiesDesign for the self-service user portalDesign for the Application and Platform as a serviceDesign for a Private Cloud infrastructure, automation and securityDesign for a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, automation, and securityDesign for Virtual Network Services for Private and Hybrid CloudsDescribe for the VM Lifecycle management  

Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Translating Requirements into Automation Designs
Describing Cloud and AutomationGathering Business RequirementsUsing Automation as a Foundation of Cloud DesignChoosing the Appropriate Solution to Automate Private or Hybrid CloudsDesigning Appropriate Automation Tasks to Meet RequirementsDesigning Application and PaaS Using Stack Designer
Section 2 : Designing a Private Cloud Infrastructure
Comparing and Contrasting Private Cloud Integrated InfrastructuresDesigning Cloud StorageDetermining Methods to Access StorageDetermining Storage Provisioning Methods for the Cloud EnvironmentInterconnecting Private CloudsDetermining Appropriate Solutions to Automate Network Service
Section 3 : Designing a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
Comparing and Contrasting Public Cloud ArchitecturesAutomating Hybrid Cloud ProvisioningConnecting to Public Clouds
Section 4 : Securing the Cloud Infrastructure
Using Best Practices for Securing Cloud InfrastructureDesigning a Secure Multitenant Environment
Section 5 : Virtualization and Virtual Network Services for Private and Hybrid Clouds
Describing the Hypervisor EcosystemDesigning Workload Mobility for CloudDesigning VM Lifecycle for Cloud