Google Cloud Platform Certification


Google Cloud Platform Certification

GCP HighlightsGoogle Cloud Platform – GCP is fastest growing pubic Cloud Platform Services in the world.Last year google has recorded 84% growth rate. Google in 2017 investing heavily in extending GCP services across the Globe.Google has committed may more data centers , Point of presence or edge locations around the world in 2017 .GCP is already is prominent in Data Analytics, and Machine Learning offerings proven so many years and has added Storage, Compute platform , Database, Security and many more public cloud services for enterprises around world.Google has private fibre optic cable around the world.. They have innovative data centers build to scale enterprise infrastructure and platform services requirementsCloud Architect Certifications – Google has ended all other certifications and came up with single Architect Certifications as Cloud Architect.

Target Audience

Anyone want to enhance skills with Cloud Architecture CertificationsAnyone want to get understanding on Google Cloud Platform – GCPAnyone is preparing for Cloud Architect Exam from GoogleAnyone Wants to understand Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud DeploymentAnyone wants general to understand Services offering from Google Cloud Platform.Customer of Google Cloud Platform and wants understanding on services offered.Current Customers of Amazon, Azure or any other public cloud wants to understand GCP ServicesAWS Solution Architect or Microsoft Azure Architects wants to understand Google Cloud PlatformDevelopers , Lead Developers who are using Google Cloud Platform Services , or any other public cloud services.


Software or Information Technology or Infrastructure understanding

Course Objectives

In depth Understanding on Google Cloud PlatformGCP Services – Networking , Storage , Databases, Containers, Virtual Machines, App Engine, Security etcGCP Compute Service : Virtual Machine (GCE), App Engine (GAE), Container Service (GKE), Google Cloud FunctionGCP Networking VPC, CDN, Interconnect, DNSGCP Management Tools – Stackdriver Monitoring, Logging, Trace, Error Reporting, Deployment Manager, Shell, Console, Cloud SDKGCP Storage & Database Service : Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud BigQuery, Cloud Spanner, Cloud DataStore, Cloud SpannerGCP IAM and Security : Cloud IAM, KMS, Resource Manager, Security Scanner  

Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Google Cloud Platform Certification
Google Cloud Platform IntroductionGoogle Cloud – InteractionsGCP Development ToolsGCP : Compute ServiceGCP : Storage and Database ServiceGoogle Cloud Platform Networking ProductsIdentity and Security ManagementGoogle Cloud Platform Management ToolsGoogle Cloud Platform BigData OfferingsGoogle Machine Learning OfferingsGoogle Provided Practice Questions