Google Cloud Platform for Systems Operations Professionals


Google Cloud Platform for Systems Operations Professionals

This Google Cloud Platform Qualified Systems Operations Professional (CPO200) course will introduce you to the implementation of application environments and public cloud infrastructure using Google Cloud Platform. Through instructor-led online classrooms and hands-on labs, you’ll learn to deploy cloud infrastructure components such as networks, systems, and applications.

Target Audience

This course is an essential requirement for systems operations professionals and systems administrators who use Google Cloud Platform to create or migrate application environments and infrastructure.

Course Objectives

  • When you have completed the CPO200 training course, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand the core tenets to be considered when designing & deploying to a cloud
  • Use the Google Cloud Platform Console to create and manage multiple projects
  • Use service accounts and permissions to share view-level access between projects
  • Create Google Compute Engine instances
  • Create a non-default network and review your network configuration
  • Compare default and non-default networks
  • Create firewall rules with and without tags
  • Create and use a customized Compute Engine image
  • Set authorization scopes for a Compute Engine instance
  • Reserve an external IP address for an instance
  • Snapshot a Compute Engine instance
  • Snapshot a data disk
  • Create an image using a boot persistent disk
  • Upload an image to Google Container Registry
  • Create a Compute Engine instance group with instances
  • Create a Cloud SQL instance using the Cloud SDK
  • Deploy and test a web application
  • Add instance and project metadata
  • Query instance and project metadata using the Cloud SDK
  • Create an instance using a startup script in metadata and Google Cloud Storage
  • Create an instance with a shutdown script and install the Cloud Logging agent
  • Use the API Explorer to query an API request
  • Run sample code that uses the Google API Client Library
  • Test and build a container that uses the Cloud SQL APIs
  • Create an instance template and managed instance group
  • Configure a managed instance group for autoscaling
  • Create multiple autoscaled managed instance groups
  • Configure fault-tolerant HTTP load balancing
  • Test health checks for use with HTTP load balancing
  • Manage application deployment using Jinja and Python templates with Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Delete Google Cloud Platform projects and resources



Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Google Cloud Platform for Systems Operations Professionals

  • Google Cloud Platform Projects
  • Instances
  • Networks
  • Disks and Images
  • Authorization
  • Snapshots
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Instance Groups
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Metadata
  • Start up and Shutdown Scripts
  • Auto scaling
  • Load Balancing