Programming in C++


Programming in C++

This C++ training course is designed to provide you with a platform from where you can start your journey in the amazing world of programming and software. The beginner’s course will include programming fundamentals using C++, Loops, Functions, Arrays etc

Target Audience

BeginnerPerson who wants to understand programming

Course Objectives

By the end of this C++ programming certification course, you will be fluent in C++, and also know how to build basic C++ programs and work on advanced projects. This course will help you to achieve the following:Gain knowledge of fundamental concepts of the C++ languageLearn about variables and constants, data types, arithmetic operators, arrays and loopsExecute programs using command line argumentsImplement conditionals and switch case in your codeWrite your own code, run and debug it  

Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Introduction
Intro & info about 100+ exercises 
Section 2 : Basics
What is programming, compiler. Installing IDE Problems when compiling C++ project? Solution INSIDE for mac users too Basics of programming Variables Types of Variables Downloading data from the input 
Section 3 : Operatorss
Arithmetic and Assigment Operators Relational Operators Logical Operators Bitwise Operators (Advanced – Optional at start) Operators Quiz (Updated June 17′) 
Section 4 : Conditions
Contidtional Statements Switch Conditional Operator Calculator – exercise Conditional Statements Quiz (Updated May 17′) 
Section 5 : Arrays
Arrays Multidimensional Arrays Array Quiz (Added June 17′)
Section 6 : Loops
for while and do while exercises, nested loops break and continue Loops Quiz (Updated June 17′)
Section 7 : Functions
pre-function Scope of Variables Functions Overloading functions Loops and functions – exercises Data Validation – exercise Functions Quiz (Updated Dec 17′)
Section 8: References and enum
Enum Type Reference Variables Reference Variables in functionsReferences and Enums Quiz (Added Jul 17′)
Section 9: Pointers
What are pointers? Name of array – Pointer Dynamic allocation of memory Strings and a pointer on a char type Functions and pointers Lottery – pseudo-random numbers generatorType Casting Why pointers are needed? Pointers FAQ – most confusing parts explained! Pointers Quiz (Updated April 17′) 
Section 10: BONUS - Project
 Creating project, external execution of program Preprocessor directives, Multi-file project  
Section 11: Structures and Classes - Object Oriented Programming
Data Structures and Pointers Classes Static variables and functions Constant classes and methods Friend functions Friend classes Copy constructor Convert constructor and overloading operators Inheritance between classes Polymorphism, virtual functions, abstract classes Virtual destructor Structures and Classes Quiz (Updated June 17′) 
Section 12: Templates
Function templates Class templates Templates Quiz (Updated Nov 17′)
Section 13: Advanced
Exceptions Namespaces