Robotic Process Automation


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that enables employees of an organization to configure Robots and Computer Applications to understand existing applications for controlling information, data manipulation, transaction processing, and communicating with other computerized frameworks. Robotic Process Automation is useful in organizations that still use labour work for general learning process work, and where individuals are performing in high-number. Learning Robotic Automation is necessary because now such companies & organizations are moving towards automation which enhances capabilities of the employees along with sparing valuable time and money.

Target Audience

AnalystsEnd UsersIT ProfessionalsJob Seekers in ITAdministratorsDesigners of FlowchartBusiness Process Executives


Anyone with basic programming knowledge can take up Robotic Automation & Blue Prism training course.Fresher graduatesWorking professionalsBusiness intelligence professionalsDigital Marketing professionals

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:Know about Robotics Process Automations and their workingAssess the key considerations while designing an RPA solutionWork proficiently with the leading RPA tool ‘UiPathHave practical knowledge on designing RPA solutions using UiPathPerform Image and Text automationLearn Data Manipulation using variables and argumentsCreate automations with applications running in Virtual EnvironmentsDebug and handle exceptions in workflow automations  

Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Robotic Process Automation Concepts
What is Robotic Process AutomationNatural language processing and RPAHow Robotic Process Automation worksRPA development methodology and lifecycleRPA Solution Architecture Patterns – Key ConsiderationsInput Data Handling Solution PatternException HandlingTransaction LoggingCredential ManagementSecure ExecutionMonitoring and ReportingTypes of BotsList of Robotic Process Automation Tools
Section 2 : Overview of UiPath
Introduction to UiPathUser Interface Domains in ActivitiesWorkflow Files in UiPath
Section 3 : UI Automation and System Activities
UI AutomationSystemPropertiesOutputArgumentsImport
Section 4 : User Events, Recorder and Scraping
User EventsApp IntegrationRecorderScrapingSelector
Section 5 : Workflow, Citrix and Data Manipulation
WorkflowOrchestratorCitrix AutomationData ManipulationPDF Automation
Section 6 : Programming and Troubleshooting
ProgrammingProject OrganizationError Handling
Section 7 : Orchestrator CE & Other RPA Tools
Orchestrator Community EditionDifferent RPA tools and trend
Section 8: Project
Project based on all the concepts